Maryland Avenue Path Beautification

In the midst of increasing traffic congestion and development in and around our East Bethesda neighborhood, it is vital that we make the most of our cherished green spaces – providing havens to connect with nature and to relax and rejuvenate. We are seeking your help to reclaim and beautify one such green space - the path that travels along Maryland Avenue between South Chelsea Lane and Chestnut Street.

This path is a key thoroughfare through the East Bethesda community – used by bikers and pedestrians, commuters walking to the metro, dog walkers, parents walking their kids to the bus stop or to school, and families walking into downtown Bethesda.

Two years ago A GROUP OF EAST BETHESDA RESIDENTS BEGAN WORK ON THIS SPACE, resulting in many improvements, including a reorientation and repaving of the bike path, removal of unseemly metal traffic barriers and installation of more attractive wooden bollards to prevent usage of the path by cars, removal of over one ton of trash and weeds, trimming existing trees, removal of a fence to allow the community to enjoy public use of all of the publicly owned space along this segment, and planting one canopy tree that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

The group also worked with George Washington University’s School of Landscape Design to develop a comprehensive landscape plan for the space. Graduate student Lizzy Jenny worked with the team to develop the FINAL PLAN. The state’s Department of Transportation has approved this plan as well. The group also applied for and received a $500 County Beautification Grant from the County Beautification Grant Program, with $300 in matching funds from the East Bethesda Citizens Association, and donations from several neighbors to help make this plan a reality.

Implementing this landscape plan will improve the usability and aesthetic beauty of the path, and provide a beautiful park setting for our community to enjoy. It will also result in reduced run-off and pollution of local streams and the Chesapeake Bay, increased nectar availability for key pollinators, and cleaner air and water. The plan includes installation of NATIVE TREES, SHRUBS AND PLANTS requiring minimal use of water and chemicals.

Beautifying The Chestnut to South Chelsea Lane Path in East Bethesda

Many may have noticed that the fence around the overgrown garden along the path between Chestnut Avenue and South Chelsea Lane off of Maryland Avenue has been removed, and the weeds cut down. This change has spurred the East Bethesda Garden Group to realize the need for a larger plan for this county owned easement. The South Chelsea/Chestnut Easement Neighborhood Enhancement (SCCENE) project will be launching soon and is seeking volunteers to help us consider and implement ways to beautify this space for our community! If you are interested in joining in this effort, please contact Karen Metchis ([email protected]).

Come Help Beautify East Bethesda at 10 AM on October 13th!

Join your neighbors starting at 10 AM on October 13th Chestnut bike path off of Maryland Avenue to start the first phase to beautify the easement. This is the first phase of the new South Chelsea/Chestnut Easement Neighborhood Enhancement (SCENE) project to improve this popular area. Come help rototill the land, remove debris, plant rye grass to help amend the soil, and plant a few donated native plants. Please come join the fun, and bring your garden gloves, shovels, wheel barrows, plants to donate, and energy! We especially need pick up trucks, roto tillers, and rye grass seed - contact Holly Elwood at [email protected] if you can offer any of these to this worthy cause. We hope to see you there!