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Founding Farmers is a farm-owned coop self-described as having DC's first LEED/Gold certified restaurant interior, with its recycled hardwood tables and concrete bars. Moderately priced and well worth it. Breakfast today -- spinach/tomato eggs benedict and french toast, made with brioche -- was to die for. Located at 1924 Penn Ave, in the IMF building, just blocks from the Whitehouse. Here's the menu

From the website


"We believe that everyone benefits by knowing more about the sources of the food they eat. We understand the journey of our products from seed to harvest, and from Farm-to-Table. Owned by a collective of American family farmers, we promote the products and services of family farms, ranches, and fisheries. We celebrate and share the long-standing connection between farmers - the first to lead the “green” movement - and their historic stewardship of natural resources.Discover the goodness and incredible flavors of fresh and inspired true food and drink on our menus. We are dedicated to environmentally friendly practices at every turn and are proud to be DC’s first LEED (Gold) certified restaurant for our Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and the standards used to build the interior space. We operate as a Certified Green Restaurant™, and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions through When you’re here, you’re green, too."



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