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Rebecca Fayed
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I was very disappointed the other night when I called Woodmont Grill (formerly known as Houstons) to discover that, unlike almost all other Bethesda restaurants, they will not take an order over the phone for pickup.  I was told that they DO do take out orders but that they must be placed at the bar and would be ready in about 15 minutes after the order was placed.  My thought:  "Hmmmm.... that's not very convenient with a toddler...."

When I asked for the general managers name (simply to let them know that I was disappointed with that policy) the manager (who formerly was too busy) jumped on the phone to tell me that she'd happily take my order.


Needless to say, we called Olazzo instead.  I can say nothing but wonderful things about Olazzo.  Their food is always fantastic and reasonably priced.  Most importantly, their staff is always friendly and helpful and they happily provide take out meals which I find to be so helpful as a working mother!  :-)

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