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Rebecca Fayed
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Have you ever been to Pat or Ginos for a true Philly Cheesesteak?  South Street Steaks serves cheesesteaks just as good!!  Even if you haven't been to Philadelphia, you should try this place.  The subs are great!  They serve both steak and chicken cheesesteaks, as well as a handful of other subs.  They also have a kids menu (which is always a plus!)


South Street Steaks is located on Cordell, on the left hand side if you're coming from Wisconsin.  Give it a try -- the food is excellent. This is one of those places that we want to survive --- don't let it go out of business!!!!


Here's the website in case you're interested in the menu:

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Also - check out Chicken on the Run for great Peruvian Chicken. On St. Elmo's next to the public parking garage. The best Peruvian chicken in Montgomery County IMHO.

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Vivian Underwood
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I second the recommendation for South Street Steaks!  We are from Philly and they are just as good as Gino's and Pat's.  We've also had the subs.

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