EBCA General Meeting Notes: 17 December 2008

1) Education update and Survey Results - Monica Hayes

- The survey results will be posted on the website soon.

- The meeting with Bruce Crispell and Frank Stetson, both of MCPS, went very well with lots of questions answered and information exchanged.

- The time frame for any changes is several years because of budget restrictions, etc.

- Note: For further reference, see Ted Winstead's article for the newsletter about this topic.


2) Purple Line update - Dave Saltzman

- Reviewed where we are in the process and explained EBCA's position.

- Testimonies were given on 18 November.

- In spite of the sum of money needed to build the Purple Line, it's looking like it'll be approved eventually. No one is quite sure what exactly the structure will be - a light rail, an express bus, or a mix. There are about 6 options on the table.

- Written comments from concerned citizens about the Purple Line are due by January 14, 2009.


3)  Committee Reports

a) Social - we had a nice turnout for the Guapo's social hour in Nov.

b) This evening's cookie exchange was a success. We made 5 trays that will be delivered to area Fire Houses and Rescue.


4) Old Business

a) A member talked about the efficiency of the meetings. He also told  about the Santa who comes on the fire pick-up truck through the streets of Bethesda.


5) New Business

a) A concerned neighbor came to talk about the Examiner. She would like EBCA to help halt the unwanted delivery of the Examiner Newspaper. They pile up in the street in front of houses and are a waste of resources. According to meeting protocol, the item will be discussed as Old Business at the next meeting and t hen we can take action by notifying the publisher to halt delivery for once and for all.


Adjourned at 9:00 pm

EBCA General Meeting Notes: 17 September 2008

21+ present

1) Budget
- Jack Hayes presented the new budget for approval.
- There were a few questions about how many newsletter copies are printed and whether it’s cost effective to mail it by US Post. 1492 labels are printed so it is a major cost, though for the time it will continue to be mailed to each household and business. The thinking is that people are more likely to read a print copy.
- Budget approved by all.

2) Purple Line - Dave Saltzman
- Reviewed the latest issues on the table. There are many.
- EBCA wants to preserve the trail.
- 8 alternatives are being considered - everything from a light rail (most expensive) to a rapid bus service and even a hybrid of both.
- Dave talked about the impact the rail would have on the trail on the bordering properties and landscape.
- LRT connecting New Carrolton to Bethesda would cost up to 1.8 billion.
- This path was chosen because it was originally designated as a transit access path.
- Google “Purple Line” if you’d like to learn more. There are several websites.
- Dave took several questions from the members.
- Ilaya pointed out that the Environmental Impact Study has been delayed. So, now is the time to comment on the trail and to make sure that all voices are heard loud and clear.
- Dave ended by asking for those members who are interested to please participate and get involved. Anyone who would like to attend the meetings in his stead should get in touch with him directly.
- Ilaya thanked Dave for all of his time and commitment to adding EBCA voice to the process.

3) Old Business - Ilaya Hopkins
A) Social Committee - announcements about the success of the Labor Day Picnic, the Halloween Parade on 26 October, and the new Lynnbrook playground equipment (which should be installed before then).

B) Membership - signups were down a bit since there was no separate letter sent to residents to get them to send in their dues. It was embedded in the Aug newsletter. Yet, Rebecca Fayed was able to get more folks to sign up at the LD Picnic.

C) Website - EBCA has a new website which is more user friendly and just plain more accessible. The hope is that it will become a community resource via the forums.

D) Sponsorship - The businesses who advertise in the newsletter help to fund it. We need to nurture more relationships with these businesses and try to get more to sign on. If anyone would like to step up to take this on, please be in touch.

E) BRAC - The development on the site is going “full speed ahead” and the traffic issues are increasingly more difficult. All 4 large intersections which are most affected are being closely monitored, yet no plan has been put forth to ease the traffic or to make it more safe.  It’s going to get worse before it gets better, it seems.

F) Glenbrook Village Access Restriction - It’s been passed by Ike Leggett and now the neighbors are seeking signatures to approve the restriction: No right turn from Wisconsin to Chelsea Ln from 4:30 - 6:30 pm weekdays. The real issue is the failure of the intersection between 355 (Wisc Ave/Rockville Pk) and Jones Bridge Road. One of the issues that complicates it is that 355 is a state route and JBR is a county route.

4) New Business
A) A member asked whether the general memberships meetings could be limited to an 8 pm - 9 pm time frame. And also whether they could be held every other month. Ilaya responded that she’d like to keep the schedule as it is and offered that anyone can come to the Executive Committee meetings to share ideas and find out what’s going on.

5) Education Committee report on elementary school choice for EBCA - Monica Hayes:
- MCPS is revising our assignments and will make a recommendation to the Board of Education by 15 October.
- MCPS has told us that our transfer policy is no longer in effect and that it was a mistake to issue it in the first place.
- We do not know what the recommendation will be.
- EBCA is sending out a survey that we all need to fill out and return as soon as possible.
- Concerned residents should send letters to Jerry Weist, Superintendent as soon as possible. They will be interested in hearing what we want; however, funding will most likely drive the decision.
- Monica will put updates on the website.
- She also needs volunteers to help sort the information on the surveys.
- Monica took many questions. Two major points were made:
 a- a long term solution needs to be made.
 b - EBCA students need a consistent articulation pattern.
- Ilaya thanked Monica (and Jack) for their energy and willingness to take this on. She encouraged people to write letters and to fill out the surveys. And she hopes that good will emerge through this process.

Meeting adjourned by 10:00pm.