EBCA General Membership Meeting:  21 September 2011

Meeting to Order at 7:08pm - 14 Members Present

I) Introductions all around.

II) Treasurer’s Report – Jack Hayes

a. New Budget is same as last year. Need to shift dates to calendar year so there is no confusion.

b. We still need sponsors for newsletter, so get the word out to local businesses.

c. Entrance features need maintaining.

d. Questions – Kristen would like to propose doing newsletter 6 times a year instead of four. In the past it’s been 12 times a year, but it was just too expensive. Hand delivering did not seem to work. Six issues might generate more membership and sponsors – as long as we can cut some costs.

e. One idea –  hire someone to hand deliver them to save postage.

f. Question – when was the address list last “scrubbed”? A member gets two issues each time. We should bring this up with the printer.

g. The rate sheets are available to give out to potential sponsors.

h. Budget is approved.

III) Membership – Jill Chodorov

a.       The numbers are just a little off from years past, so that is good.

b.      You can now pay online so a few members have joined/renewed through the web.

c.       The newsletter seems to generate new/renewing members.

d.      Looking for new ideas to get folks to join. Make sure the benefits are clearly defined.  New ideas are welcome.

e.      1200 homes here in EB. $15 per adult.

f.        Kristen made a list of “the top 10 reasons to become a member” – to include in the newsletter. She is going to hand them out at the Halloween Parade.

IV) Old Business –

a.       Labor Day Picnic – was rained out after 2 hours. Weather kept folks away.

b.      Halloween Parade – Rebecca Fayed will oversee it.

i.      We’ll check on the date – Saturday 29th or Sunday 30th?

ii.      A sign up sheet was passed around to ask for volunteers to help.

V)   Parks Report – Kevin Krauss

a.       Large trees down in park and elsewhere after Irene.

b.      Clean UP weekend – either 1st or 2nd weekend of Nov.

c.       Drug use and deals around the park is a concern. The bamboo has been removed around the tennis courts and that has made a difference.

d.      2nd District seems to be quite responsive, so call them if ever you suspect anything.

VI) Newsletter – Kristen Moesbeck

a.      We could use a sponsorship chair.

b.      Many open positions – we need to find more volunteers.

VII)   BRAC and Development – these positions are open and quite useful to EBCA.

a.       Traffic has increased already because of Walter Reed.

b.      Issues with driver speed and illegal parking/idling.

c.       FYI – Police Station will move to Cordell and Wisconsin.

d.      Trillium site seems to be prepping for construction.

e.      Jill goes to the Montgomery County Advisory Council meetings and can be a contact person if members have questions about builders who are going over boundaries, breaking rules, or otherwise affecting neighbors of the site.

VIII)           New Business –

a.       A young female neighborhood resident was walking on foot on Glenbrook Parkway when she was approached by a car full of men who tried to entice her.  It was in broad daylight on a Saturday. She filed a police report. She wanted the community to know that this type of thing was happening.

b.      We’ll have a newsletter article to tell about what precautions residents (and children) can take while going about their business on the neighborhood streets.

c.       Perhaps we should invite the MC Police community liaison to come to the next meeting.

d.      Question about adding a stop sign on Lynnbrook and Rosedale and also adding parking permits to unrestricted curb areas. Answer: It’s a long process, but can be done.

e.      A question was answered about how to access the Crescent Trail from the neighborhood.

IX)                Adjorn at 8:19pm

EBCA General Membership Meeting: 16 March 2011

46 Members Present – call to order at 7:02pm
  1. BRAC & NNMC Update – Captain Malanoski
  1. Ilaya Hopkins introduced – he is here to talk about what’s happening inside the fence.
  2. What goes on right now:
    1. Explained the lay of the land. Base is divided into east, west, north and south with different construction going on in each.
    2. BRAC – half of Walter Reed is in VA and half is here at NNMC in MD. AT NNMC there are mostly tertiary care services – advanced “stuff” – so the hospital itself needs expanding.
    3. Other piece is new wounded warrior barracks. And an additional administration and gym next to that.
    4. By July and August 2011, patients will move to NNMC from Walter Reed.
    5. They predict at least a million patient visits a year. Inpatient and outpatient is combined, so that’s why so many folks there.
    6. They have at least 2.8 staff per parking place presently and after construction is complete, they increase to 4 staff per parking place.
    7. Patient parking is protected; only the staff will have to deal with new ratio.
    8. Question from member: What kind of problem-solving is there re: transit? Answer: They have a whole transportation management plan. There are two staff members working on that. No staff is allowed to park in the surrounding neighborhoods and they‘ll deal with the issue if folks are parking there. Mass transit subsidies make riding Metro more feasible. Several parking garages will be added, including underneath the gym.
    9. Question about traffic congestion : All 5 gates all will be renovated. Each will have an increased number of lanes. There will be a new stoplight on Rockville Pike. And a light on JBR at University entrance.
    10. 6-7 am is when most staff come to base. And 4-5pm is when they depart. East Bethesda mostly feels the afternoon crunch.
    11. Question re: security issue – inspecting vehicles causes dangerous backups. Answer: Security will be moved further into campus to alleviate backup.
    12. Question: have they considered other transport options? Answer: Satellite – yes. Private bus company to express folks in. White Flint, etc. They are pushing as much as they can to have folks seek out alternatives.
    13. Question: Increased helicopter traffic? No. Point was raised that some copters come through and do not land – escort copters – are not counted as landings but make just as much noise.
    14. Increases related to traffic will be in the next year.  

  1. The future – construction will continue through 2012 and 2013.
    1. Sept 16 will be formal opening day.
    2. New Navy exchange building – will be LEED certified.
    3. Child Development Center – will expand up and out.
    4. New Barracks – additional building on back side of campus.
    5. New USO – won’t bring in more people. Will be for folks already on base.
    6. Finished rehab of old hospital. Bring clinics up to date. Won’t add to numbers.
    7. University research lab will also be added.
    8. Rest of construction will occur through 2017-18:
    9. Metro entrance renovation
      1. Make it safer.
      2. Initial estimate to add high speed elevators was $20 million.
      3. They’d support EBCA/neighborhood options.
      4. Preferred option chosen – shallow tunnel underneath. 2012-2013.
      5. Overpass? Not acceptable for historical/view reasons.

  1. County’s website has a lot of information. http://www.montgomerycountymd.gov/brctmpl.asp?url=/Content/EXEC/BRAC/index.asp

  1. Questions/Issues:
    1. Question: will JBR and RP intersection be repaved? No.

    1. Comment/question: Drivers park in neighborhood at the end of the work day waiting for staff to come from base. They park on lawns, idling, etc. Member has asked about it and has not heard back. Answer: The “Kiss and Ride” option needs to be considered. They have to maintain the security there. But is there a plan in the works? No. They need to see how things work in September and into the fall. Member points out that this idling in East Bethesda is actually happening now.

    1. Once you are on base, it can take 40-50 minutes to get off. That is an obvious problem.

    1. Ilaya introduced Ken Hartman of the Bethesda Regional Services Center. He is working on BRAC and other issues too. Their website: http://www.montgomerycountymd.gov/mcgtmpl.asp?url=/content/rsc/bcc/index.asp

    1. In closing – Navy base understands the impact that they have on us. Their goal is to take care of military and retirees, and they understand their impact on our community. He pointed out that he knows what it’s like to live in this area. They will try minimize negative effects and to do what they can.

  1. Education Committee Update – Monica Hayes
    1. Her update was sent out in an email blast. Website has all the information.

  1. Parks – Kevin Kraus
    1. Cleanup day is 30 April.
    2. Need volunteers, as always.
    3. Dog mitt posts for cleanup. Will be installed strategically.

  1. Membership
    1. Yard Sale – in May 21. Updates are in newsletter.
    2. Tape off spots on blacktop at Lynnbrook.
    3. BTW: 16 April – Lourdes Lions Roar 5K – through neighborhood.

  1. Chevy Chase Lake/development update – Ilaya Hopkins
    1. Planning dept is starting a sector plan look at the land there. Trying to engage the community to learn what might go on. Walkways, etc. For more information: http://www.montgomeryplanning.org/community/chevychaselake/
    2. Trillium Lot was sold. Mixed use development. If you are interested, Bethesda Regional Services Center office will have updates.

  1. Officer Nominations
    1. Curt Zimmerman volunteered to be nominating chair.
    2. The slate will be published in next newsletter.

  1. New business
    1. Tori Hall, a Glenbrook Village resident, talked about the Psychic Reader sign on JBR just east of Rockville Pike. There is a new sign and it is actually legal.  JBR is residential; however, the sign is legal to be up for a year at least. The sign is the short term issue. The long term issue is that there is more traffic, and more possibility that entrepreneurs will move to JBR and do the same.
    2. If business has 5 or fewer customers per week, it’s seen as low impact commercial.
    3. And temporary signs are legal. But the issue is that any business that can put up a sign is not NO impact.
    4. It seems the only legal justification to restrict commercial activity is to maintain quality of life. Slippery slope – once you are on the slope, the slide happens.
    5. This psychic reader is a legal business.
    6. Ken Hartman – It’s clear that sign ordinance is a broken law, a law that needs changing. It’s under a wing of the campaigning signage so is technically legal. But this particular sign is a heavy duty sign, and not appearing to be of “limited duration.” Over on Old Georgetown Rd , more signage and development is already happening – drs offices, businesses, etc. We need to pay attention to these issues.
    7. Their excess of trash is an issue too. There were several bags left in front of the residence. The trash must be in cans, not in bags on road. The occupiers were informed that they needed to clean up the trash and they did.
    8. It’s been noticed that it’s usually out of state plates in the driveway.
    9. Member suggested that we form a subcommittee. Then, we have a legal backing. Ken pointed out that it helps what Bethesda Regional Services is trying to do.
    10. A letter has been put together. Sent to the owner, Carlo Reed on 15 March. We’ll see if we get a response.
    11. Tori Hall volunteered to head the subcommittee.

  1. Reminders –
  1. BCC – mulch sale and used book sale.
  2. Newsletter needs membership revenue.
  3. Now, you can go on website to join/renew online.

8:20pm Adjournment

EBCA General Membership Meeting:  1/19/2011

Members present: 11

I) Meeting called to order at 7:10 pm

II) Minutes from 22 September approved.

III) Parks Update - Kevin Krause

1) 30 April is Park Clean Up Day.

2) We would like to focus on drainage ditch and relocate azaleas from tear-downs in the neighborhood.

3) There is too much dog waste in park and on fields. And in the right-of-ways approaching park.

4) There is a "mutt mitt" container, but the company discontinued making them. Jack mentioned that EBCA had originally planned on filling the mutt mitt container. We should buy a new container and Kevin agreed to keep it filled.

5) There has been a good deal of use of the parks for illicit activities - consuming alcohol and marijuana. Lynnbrook at night and Chase Ave park during the day.

6) The issue is that the Rec Center is closed, so there is no foot traffic around the building. Outdoor lights are on, but they do not create a lot of coverage.

7) Kevin mentioned all of this in his newsletter and that he really needs volunteers to help. Free t-shirts.

8) Ilaya mentioned that the local middle and high school students could possibly earn SSL hours by volunteering on the 30th.

IV) Chevy Chase Lake Project Update - Ilaya Hopkins

1) Last spring there was a meeting of the Ch Ch Land company planning department to share zoning ideas for the future and the possible changes that the Purple Line will bring.

2) Their traffic studies include EB, south, north and east, too. There is hope for the communities to have a combined voice from each of the  neighborhoods to guard against unwanted growth/commercialization.

3) Does EBCA want to have an official presence on this coalition or do we just want to be in the position to weigh-in when asked?

4) Purple Line is waiting for federal commitment since it's been approved by county and state. But even under current zoning, the ChCh Land Company has the right to develop the properties more densely. The property will be redeveloped regardless of the status of the Purple Line.

5) Kevin points out that there will not be commuter parking there.

6) Jack Hayes points out that the Woodmont Triangle amendment is 8-10 years underway and only very little has been done - the long view is that this will all take a long time.

7) Ilaya will funnel info and emails to EBCA but wonders how we could get subcommittee - a bigger, more official group to attend these meetings.

8) Since getting volunteers is difficult, it's probably in our best interests to just stay in touch via Ilaya. We don't want to create another committee that we cannot staff.

9) It's good to keep everyone up-to-date.

V) BRAC - Ilaya Hopkins

1) Implementation committee is continuing to meet, and things are falling into place. Recent work on the bike paths and other minor modifications. But big piece is Metro access so that more people use it. Looking to federal government for funding, but because of an administrative error, the funds were cycled into a medical fund instead of transportation.

2) We will start to see bike work on Cedar and Jones Bridge, but none of major modifications will happen until more funds are allocated.

3) 15 September 2011 - new Walter Reed will open.

VI) Website Update - Greg for Dorian Patchen

1) Hoping to make it so that members can renew their membership online.

2) Looking for ways to keep the updates coming for the website. Volunteers and ideas are welcomed!

3) May have found a new volunteer to edit the newsletter.

VII) Membership - Greg for Jill Chodorow

1) Need people to sign up and need to keep funds coming in.

2) Ilaya asks whether we are still giving membership packets to new residents. No one thought so. We can gather materials via BUP.

3) Questions about how to get more members interested in EBCA issues. The dues are so low, there is no reason why we don't have more members.

4) Ilaya asks how we could communicate via the website when members need to renew memberships. There could be a link sent in an email, etc.

5) But we need to have a way to let members know when it's time to renew. A competition between the streets? How can we generate more buzz?

6) A member offered to put some ideas down to email to Greg.

7) Resurrect community yardsale? Only members can participate (a $5 contribution). Jill is hoping to organize it. Jack Hayes mentioned that we should also have a dumpster there for leftover junk that the charities do not want.

8) Jill is also sponsoring a shredding event - bring boxes, papers, etc... on 6 February.

VIII) BCC Cluster Update - Jack Hayes, Ilaya Hopkins

1) Transfer season is coming up soon.

2) An article in next newsletter has recent updates.

3) BoE approved in their budget a new MS. Now  it's time to find the site, then the feasibility study, etc.

4) Possible locations - Rollingwood School, Lynnbrook, hopefully east of Conn Ave.

5) No stimulus money means that budget is really strapped.

6) On Monday Jan 31 there will be a meeting to hear what county executive Leggett is thinking about. It will be held at the BCC regional services on Edgemor Lane.

IX) Old Business

1) Membership:

a) How to get more members here at meetings? More signs? An outside speaker? Community issues, history, ...

b) Once we have tools in place (newsletter), we can stimulate people to join and to have advertisers. It's a vicious cycle in a way... More members means more newsletters, means more advertisers but the cycle has to start somewhere.

c) Ideas about  how to increase membership and how to make it more relevant to residents/members.

d) Have different activities posted on website - other community events like the Block Parties, Pancake breakfasts, Holiday picnics.

e) The community forum is there, so it's a matter of encouraging people to use it and post on it.

f) The website needs new branding. It's a bit clunky and needs a refresher.

2) Zoning question on EW highway

    a) Ilaya - The zoning advisory panel (ZAP) - different ideas for streamlining the process. Redevelop of infill areas. Via Park and Planning - we can put links on website.

    b) Comment that economy is strapped. Projects in pipeline that are waiting for a turnaround in economy - Woodmont Triangle is an example.

Trivia Question - In what decade was EBCA started? 1930's

Adjourn at 8:16pm

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